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It is understood that upon submitting payment into the Baller On A Budget Group Mentorship Program with ASHLEY R. TRIPLETT of THE BALLER ON A BUDGET ACADEMY by BEE FINANCIALLY FIT (a subsidiary of MAD Management 2K), mailing located at 7245 Rockbridge Road, Suite 300-885, Lithonia, Georgia 30058 (physical location in Jonesboro, Georgia 30236), hereafter referred to as the “Consultant”, I, hereafter referred to as the "Client", agree to the following terms:




Consultant agrees to perform the following service(s) unto Client: 


Budgeting & Financial Management - Group Money Management Coaching Mentorship.





Time of the service will commence on the week of the 'Effective Date' (date of the initial sign up and payment of the program) of the first scheduled session provided by The Baller on a Budget Academy for a period of Twelve (12) – sixty (60) minutes “MONEY MINDSET" – Budgeting and Money Management techniques building group coaching sessions per week, and will conclude on the 8th week of the program (major holidays and special events / vacation dates have been included with the addition of a one (1) week extension to adjust the length of program as a grace period to complete all 7 sessions), with the option of continuing and/or renewing services specified in Section one (1) of this agreement, based on the discretion and consent of both Consultant and Client. 




As consideration for Consultant’s services to Client, Client agrees to pay the total program investment of $2,497 for total service(s) stated above in Section one (1) of this agreement. Payments made to the Consultant by the Client will be made via online transaction (Debit, Credit, Stripe, and / or PayPal)


NOTE: Invoices are automatically set up on a payment subscription schedule upon choice of payment option at initial program sign-up, and will be issued regardless of holidays, makeups, or cancelations by either Client or Consultant. Invoices automatically incur a 10% late fee charge every seven (7) days past due.



Client agrees to the Payment Plan Option of three (3) bi-weekly installments of $877 - 1st installment due upon receipt at initial sign-up of the program. (NOTE: $597 of 1st installment applied as a non-refundable deposit for slot in the program. Total amount of 1st installment is non-refundable after 7 days from initial sign up of program.) Remaining two (2) bi-weekly installments are automatically issued recurrently. 



*If Client initially enrolls upon the 24-Hour Fast Action Offer, Client agrees to pay the total one (1) full payment of the discounted amount of $997 for the entire program. Once the 24-hour window passes, tuition returns to the original tuition amount of $2,497, in which Client agrees to pay the six (6) bi-weekly installments at the full tuition amount. 





Cancellations are permitted up to 24 hours before scheduled consultation by either Client and/or Consultant. NOTE: Canceling AFTER 24 hours leading up to the scheduled consultation will result in Client paying Consultant the full scheduled cancellation amount. *ALL SESSION WILL BE RECORDED AND PROVIDED TO CLIENT FOR A REPLAY* (unless a natural occurring incident such as a hurricane, earthquake, tornado, pandemic etc. prohibits the session for the week; OR if there is a public holiday; OR if a session falls on a Thursday or Friday, in which the Consultant has discretion to either reschedule OR count the session as an excused cancelation (this means that the cancelled session will not be regarded as an “attended session”). If Client fails to show up to any rescheduled or make-up sessions, Client is still responsible for the amount of the session missed. If for some reason the Consultant cancels the session (be it originally scheduled and/or a reschedule) the canceled/rescheduled session will not be regarded as an “attended session”. Back-to-back consecutive no shows exceeding more than two (2) sessions by Client, may result in termination of the agreement upon discretion of the Consultant. In addition, as it pertains to CONFIRMATION of sessions, it is imperative that the Client replies and confirms receipt of all session reminder emails at minimum 24-hours before the scheduled session date and time to secure the Client’s slot. Furthermore, TRANSFER of sessions to another individual is NOT permitted. Failure to comply with the 24-hours confirmation policy, will result in the release of the scheduled slot within the group to another client, and/or potential client. Client will still be responsible and accountable for paying any-and-all outstanding balances remaining as per the New Client Agreement (This may also include any late fees incurred). Consultant will allow for a grace period of (15) minutes tardiness within a (60) minute session; or a grace period of (30) minutes tardiness within a (90) minute session. Cancelation of sessions and/or documentation of an “unexcused” absence due to tardiness after the grace period will be based upon the discretion of the Consultant.





In accordance to Section Four (4) of this New Client Enrollment Agreement, regarding cancelations, rescheduled and make-up of sessions; all group vocal coaching sessions will be conducted virtually via Zoom. Client agrees to keep all access codes and passwords used for sessions confidential, as the sessions are for enrolled clients only, and is non-transferable. Client is not allowed to record any of the attended sessions without permission from the Consultant. Any breach of sharing confidential information provided by Consultant to Client regarding access into any virtual room will result in termination of agreement upon the discretion of the Consultant. 




In accordance with Sections One (1) and Two (2) of this New Client Enrollment Agreement, regarding “Services” and  “Commencement and Time”; please note that Consultant may deviate from the curriculum order of any program according to  the learning ability of the Client(s) within the group coaching program. If for any reason due to the nature of the progress of the courses that the Consultant is unable to complete any portion of a program curriculum provided within the designated timeframe of this agreement, the object lesson within that curriculum will be rolled over into the next-tier program should the Client decide to continue in the secondary tier program. Whereas should the Client decide not to continue to the next level program, once the total amount of sessions mentioned in Section Two (2) of the agreement are completed, any additional sessions beyond the  scope of the aforementioned will be invoiced separately.




This Agreement will commence on the 'Effective Date' (date of the initial sign up and payment of the program) and conclude on the time period specified in Section two (2) of this agreement.  Once signed, this agreement is considered a “binding” agreement and cannot be breached unless terminated solely upon the discretion of the Consultant. If breached by Client, Client is responsible for paying the total balance AND / OR total balance remaining as indicated in Section 3 of this agreement within 30 days within breach of agreement, including any attorney fee incurred if monies need to be collected in a court of law.


Please Note: Payments and completion of programs do NOT guarantee the Client’s desired result(s), nor does it guarantee a positive outcome.


By submitting payment, it is an indicator that Client has fully read and agree to the terms and conditions within this New Client Enrollment Agreement. 

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